Test/Examination Standard

            In order to assure that the test results of national educational examinations are accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. NIETS established its own test/examination standards as follows:

            1. Test Development Standard. All test items and educational tests must be

                 constructed systematically with transparent and reliable steps.

            2. Test Administration Standard. All test must be administrated with transparency,  

                 Fairness, acceptability and trustworthiness at national and international levels.

            3.  Test Printing Standard. All test printing must be monitored, controlled and 

                 secured in transparent steps.    

            4.  Test Report and Test Result Standard. All test reports and test results must be 

                 written, checked, double checked, analyzed and reviewed by groups of experts in

                 the field of educational measurement and evaluation to validate that they are 

                 accurate, proper, fair, and reliable.

            5.  Testing Personnel Standard. All supporting staff members and experts involved

                  in testing must have proper and appropriate qualification in the field of

                  educational measurement and assessment.   


            For properly implementation of the standards, NIETS also developed a manual for test and examination standards.