Vision / Mission / Core Values



Principal Values of NIETS
Since NIETS has the vision and missions mentioned previously, to make them possible as the main target stated in the Royal Decree to establish the institute, it has a strong determination to set the following principal values as its motto:
It shall be an institute that strongly hold on virtue, standards, excellence, efficiency, transparency, trustworthiness and faith, creates modern innovation, cooperates with other measurement networks, makes use of the test results and gives services whole-heartedly.
N = Networking
                (To establish educational measurement and evaluation networks and make use of the test results)
I = Innovation and Integrity
                (To develop modern innovations and hold on integrity)
E = Efficiency & Excellence
                (To aim at efficiency and excellence)
T = transparency & Trust
                (To make things transparent, reliable and trustworthy)
S = Standard & Service Mind
                (To maintain the standards with service mind)