About Us

Vision / Mission / Core Values

Our Vision

NIETS (Public Organization) is an academic and professional institute serving as a referenced organization at both national and international levels in the field of educational measurement and evaluation to make Thai citizens at all levels and types have educational quality reaching at an international standard.

Our Mission

  1. To organize the systems and methods of testing and develop instruments for measuring and accessing in accordance with educational standards of learners.
  2. To organize national education testing and assessment as well as to cooperate and support testing to schools and educational service area offices.
  3. To organize educational testing and provide testing services concerning abilities, academic and vocational standard assessment forced it transfer or between educational systems.
  4. To conduct research studies and disseminate innovative practices in educational testing as well as techniques for educational measurement and evaluation.
  5. To become a center for educational testing, supporting and providing test results to various organizations, both domestic and international.
  6. To enhance and promote educational measurement and evaluation including training of the personnel in the field of measurement, testing and assessment, monitoring and assessing the quality of graduates, and certifying the measurement and evaluation centers in terms of systems, methods and instruments.
  7. To serve as a center of cooperation in the field of educational measurement and evaluation at national and international levels.

Core Values

Principal Values of NIETS

Since NIETS has the vision and missions mentioned previously, to make them possible as the main target stated in the Royal Decree to establish the institute, it has a strong determination to set the following principal values as its motto:

It shall be an institute that strongly hold on virtue, standards, excellence, efficiency, transparency, trustworthiness and faith, creates modern innovation, cooperates with other measurement networks, makes use of the test results and gives services whole-heartedly.

N = Networking

                (To establish educational measurement and evaluation networks and make use of the test results)

I = Innovation and Integrity

                (To develop modern innovations and hold on integrity)

E = Efficiency & Excellence

                (To aim at efficiency and excellence)

T = transparency & Trust

                (To make things transparent, reliable and trustworthy)

S = Standard & Service Mind

                (To maintain the standards with service mind)