NIETS Calls for a meeting on concerning O-NET of grade 12 for academic year 2018, underscored all staff administering the test in testing centers and testing fields should strictly follow the rule and regulation in the manual.

On Thursday 10th January 2019, the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization): NIETS hosted a meeting concerning Ordinary National Educational Test: O-NET of Grade 12 for academic year 2018 to testing administrative committee, consist of president and committees in each testing centers of 18 universities at room 3501, 35th floor of Phrayathai Plaza Building, Bangkok.

Dr.Warunee Liewwiwatchai, Ph.D., Deputy Director presided over the opening ceremony of this meeting and spoke on the standardization of O-NET which emphasized on the five standards of NIETS: they are 1) test administration standard, 2) testing personnel standard, 3) test development standard, 4) test printing standard, and 5) test report and test result standard. She emphasized on strictly enforcing rules and regulations as well as conducting oneself according to the manual of administering national examination to prevent any controversy of testing administration. Following the instruction in the manual would increase the public confidence toward the organization (transparency), and standard should be held the same throughout all testing centers according to practice guideline procedure about testing standards in B.E.2557 (A.D. 2014). NIETS also gave an opportunity to public in sharing such comments and feedbacks for improvement via four channels as followed: (1) directly line to executive (2) by post/mail (3) email: and (4) call center +662-217-3800

Mr. Patana Thanakorn, Head of Testing Administration Department, gave an overview of last year testing administration of O-NET for Grade 12. He reemphasized all staff administering the test is to strictly follow the rule and regulation in the manual throughout testing period for supervising in testing administering. Besides, NIETS called representative of each testing centers to put collective effort in administering the test of grade 12 by providing proctors and facilitate for blindness examinee.

He also announced the tentative schedule of O-NET for the academic year 2018 which test period for grade 6 will be held on 2nd February 2019 (test result announcement on 25th March 2019), for grade 9 will be held on 2nd-3rd February 2019 (test result announcement on 26th March 2019), and for grade 12 will be held on 2nd-3rd March 2019 (test result announcement on 31th March 2019). NIETS has publicized useful information on our website such as answer sheet sample and test blueprint on our website at