NIETS has already organized I-NET for academic year 2018 with satisfied implementation.

On Saturday 19th January 2019, the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization): NIETS organized the Islamic National Educational Test: I-NET academic year 2018 for senior students in lower, middle and upper level in the private schools that teach both Islam and general subjects, the schools of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, and Mosque Based Islamic Education Center (Tadika). The objectives of I-NET are to test students’ knowledge and concepts according to the Islamic Studies Curriculum B.E. 2546 (A.D.2003) and the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551 (A.D.2008) covering 8 subject areas and 14 learning standards, and to use test information for improving the quality of learning and teaching including for other objectives such as use test scores as one of consideration in admission for further study of the Islamic Education.

There are 66,055 test-participating students for I-NET academic year 2018, operated by totally 32 testing administration centers that served 3 I-NET levels as followed:

1)  Lower secondary level: 33,581 test-participating students (25 testing centers, 223 testing fields, and 1,309 testing rooms)

2) Middle secondary level: 22,196 test-participating students (32 testing centers, 197 testing fields, and 919 testing rooms)

3) Upper secondary level: 10,278 test-participating students (20 testing centers, 120 testing fields, and 446 testing rooms)

All testing administration centers are composed of 22 testing centers under Primary Educational Service Area Offices, 2 testing centers under Secondary Educational Service Area Offices, 5 testing centers under Office of the Private Education Province and 3 testing centers under NIETS. They administrated I-NET in accordance with NIETS’ policy and guidelines as well as national educational testing standards.

The three levels of I-NET have been completed and the test results will be announced on 19th February 2019 via