First day of GAT and PAT tests for grade 12 students make testing site chaos.

Thai PBS Journalists visited Horwang School testing sites on the first day of GAT/PAT for grade 12 students on 23rd February 2019

They reported that NIETS conducted the General Aptitude Test (GAT)/ Professional and Academic Aptitude Test (PAT) for grade 12 students during 23rd – 26th February 2019 in proper duration after final examination period of each school. This could make students feel relax and had more enough time for their preparations.

While the majority of grade 12 students participating in testing at Horwang School, Bangkok came around one hour early before testing started at 8.30 am. They prayed to cheer themselves up  and reviewed their texts among groups of their friends.

Reinstated GAT and PAT schedule of February, 23rd-26th 2019 made students have more time to prepare themselves around seven days. Whereas some students said that it was not obstacles for them, they had already prepared for the test before.

GAT would be finished at 11.30 am. and PAT will start in the afternoon. The test will be continued until 26th February 2019. There are 265,000 students applying for the GAT/PAT participating. NIETS confirms all testing process will be well conducted without any problem.