NIETS visited testing sites of O-NET academic year 2018 for grade 12 students

National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public organization): NIETS conducted grade 12 O-NET academic year 2018 on Saturday 2nd – 3rd March 2019, at Horwang School testing site which the test result will be announced on 31th March 2019.

For academic year 2018, there are 387,916 examinees (18 testing centers, 396 testing fields, and 15,904 testing rooms), which consisted of social studies, mathematic, and English language subjects, was organizing on 2nd March 2019, and Thai language and science subjects was organizing on 3rd March 2019. 845 examinees at Horwang School testing site. It consisted of normal students 844 persons and one disabled-students. 

Clin.Prof. Udom Kachintorn, M.D., gave an overview of O-NET administration for grade 12 students, which implementation result was satisfied and there is no any chaos. NIETS and Office of the Basic Education Commission are corporate to testing administration and plan testing process well then none worries about it. Moreover, they give priority on security and protection standard in order to protect the unexpected phenomenon. They should not careless with this risk because
O-NET scores is vital for graduation/ school exit, university admission including raising education quality of school and national level. Even, the overview of country still appear educational disparity which means of testing score especially big school in urban area that have average score higher than small school in rural area. The Ministry of Education is solving this problem both providing education program in special administration zone, implementing the partnership school project, and plan to adjust critical testing more in the future. Moreover, he is appointed NIETS to find out the guideline in testing administration in further to cover at all aspects in measuring students’ potential because currently testing system still are too complex. Moreover, the Council of University Presidents of Thailand also decrease testing process by conducting just 2 times but covering in measuring all students’ skill. It is expected to start next two or three years and NIETS is implementing to decrease testing process.

The test results will be announced on 1st April 2019 via