NIETS calls for N-NET testing center meeting of academic year 2019 to emphasize how important it is for testing centers, testing fields, and committee to administer strictly follow standards of national examination

Asst.Prof. Sirida  Burachat, Ph.D. , the director of the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization): presided over the meeting for Non-Formal National Educational Test (N-NET) testing center of academic year 2019 at Richmond Stylish Convention Hotel, Nonthaburi on Tuesday 28th May 2019. 155 participants in the meeting were directors and representatives from Provision Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education (NFE), Bangkok Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education, Distance Education Institution.



In the meeting, the director of NIETS emphasized or testing centers, testing fields, and committee on strictly administrated N-NET in accordance with NIETS’ policy and guidelines as well as national educational testing standards at all process in order to prevent any controversy of testing administration. Following the instruction in the manual would increase the public confidence toward the organization (transparency and fair). Therefore, after finishing all testing process, testing centers have to follow score results up to enhance the level of learning achievement categorized into four levels as followed:

 (1) Student level: the results are considered from the score report of the test showing scores and grades of individual students.

(2) Teacher Level: teachers can review the scores of each subject taught from N-NET report 1 (report of individual student for schools), N-NET report 2 (basic statistic for schools clarified by learning standards), report 3 (percentage of students who answer correctly clarified by subjects and report 5 (basic statistic for schools clarified by subjects)for self-assessment to improve teaching and learning quality.

 (3) School administrator level: holistic result of every subject can be considered in term of score in order for teaching and learning to improve.

(4) Affiliation level: the results can be used for the development in knowledge and expertise of teachers, and also as encouragement to the school administrators for controlling and monitoring the students’ learning achievement.

Mr. Patana Thanakorn, Head of Testing Administration Division, gave a brief overview of the previous year N-NET administration and the result implementation. The administration was satisfying in accordance with national educational testing standards. He also declared  N-NET year plan of the academic year 2019 and reemphasized how important it is for all testing centers staff to monitor testing fields and schools to strictly follow the regulation of testing administering in 2014 (B.E. 2557).