NIETS calls for B-NET testing center meeting of academic year 2019

Asst.Prof. Sirida  Burachat, Ph.D. , the director of the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization): presided over the meeting for Buddhist National Educational Test (B-NET) testing centers of academic year 2019 at the Royal Gems Golf Resort, Nakhon Pathom on Tuesday 11th June 2019. 37 participants in the meeting were working groups from 12 testing centers and National Office of Buddhism.

The director of NIETS made all participants very welcome and gave a talk about testing administering with national educational testing standards. She specifically made all testing centers clear that they should focus on implementation the guidelines for transparency, such as providing testing fields, setting up committee, transportation of the tests and answer sheets and so on. And also staffs of testing fields had to strictly follow B-NET rule and regulation in the manual like checking test takers’ I.D. card , giving - keeping tests and answer sheets, checking the answer sheets including preventing any cheating in each  test  in its various forms.

She reemphasized how important it was for all testing centers staff to monitor testing fields and schools to strictly follow the regulation of testing administering in 2014 (B.E. 2557). In addition, she also recommended the participants to make use of score results for any practical purposes in developing and enhancing learning achievement in student level teacher level, school level, administrator level, and affiliation level.

Mr. Patana Thanakorn, Head of Testing Administration Division, gave a brief overview of B-NET in the previous year and testing administration results summary of both in paper pencil testing and e-testing for testing readiness preparation of the academic year 2019 by emphasizing the use of information technology system in testing administration for more facilitation.  He informed B-NET tentative work schedule of testing centers and testing fields including reemphasized all testing centers staff to strictly follow the regulation of testing administering in accordance with national educational testing standards.