NIETS calls for I-NET meeting of academic year 2019 for testing centers and schools.

The National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization) (NIETS) has conducted Islamic National Educational Test (I-NET) meeting of academic year 2019 at NIETS office, the Floor 35th of Phayathai Plaza Building, Bangkok on Tuesday 18th June 2019. 18 participants in the meeting were I-NET working group from four provincial education office and fourteen school representatives.

Asst.Prof. Sirida  Burachat, Ph.D., the director of NIETS gave a talk about testing I-administering with national educational testing standards such as qualified invigilator have to meet NIETS criteria, monitor testing fields and schools to strictly follow the regulation of testing administering in 2014 (B.E. 2557). She specifically staffs of testing centers had to strictly follow I-NET rule and regulation in the manual. In addition, she also recommended them to make use of score results for any practical purposes in developing and enhancing learning achievement.

Mr. Patana Thanakorn, Head of Testing Administration Department, spoke on objective of conducted I-NET meeting were to gave an overview of this year administration of I-NET and to inform all staff administering the test is to strictly follow the rule and regulation of NIETS in the manual and testing administering in 2014 (B.E. 2557). He reemphasized testing centers and schools implemented in accordance with NIETS work schedules in levels of testing centers and testing fields. Furthermore, he also informed testing centers provide committee meeting in order to inform tentative work schedule of schools, supervise about sending students’ and classrooms’ information including reemphasized all testing centers staff to strictly follow the regulation of testing administering in accordance with national educational testing standards.

I-NET tentative schedule for lower, middle and upper secondary will be held on
18th January 2020 and test result announcement will be on 18th February 2020. For more information, please visits our website at