NIETS has already organized B-NET and I-NET for academic year 2019 with satisfied implementation as national educational testing standards.

On Saturday 18th January 2020, the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization) (NIETS) organized the Buddhist National Educational Test (B-NET). For academic year 2019, NIETS conducted testing administration via paper-based test and E-Testing system as followed: There are 9,222 test-participating students for paper-based testing, consisted of 2,806 examinees in lower secondary level and 2,806 examinees in upper secondary level which operated by 12 testing centers of National Office of Buddhism.


And there are also 627 test-participating students for E-Testing system, which consisted of 393 examinees in lower secondary level and 234 examinees in upper secondary level operated by three testing centers: NIETS testing center at the 35th Floor of Phayathai Plaza Building, testing center of Khon Kaen University and Suranaree University of Technology. The B-NET results will be announced on 20th February 2020 via

In addition, NIETS organized the Islamic National Educational Test (I-NET) of academic year 2019. There are 34,207 examinees in lower secondary level, 23,257 examinees in middle secondary level and 11,502 examinees in upper level. The test result announcement will be announce on 18 February 2020 at