Deputy Education Minister, Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, Ph.D. and the staffs visited grade 6 and 9 O-NET testing sites for academic year 2019 at ‎Rajavitnit school.

National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public organization): NIETS organized grade 6 O-NET academic year 2018 on February 1st, 2020 and grade 9 on February 1st – 2nd, 2020 at Rajavitnit school testing site.

On Saturday 1st February 2020, Deputy Education Minister (Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, Ph.D.), the director of NIETS (Asst.Prof. Sirida Burachat, Ph.D.), Secretary-General of Office of the Basic Education Commission (Mrs.Wattanaporn Ra-ngubtook, Ph.D.) and delegations visited grade 6 and 9 O-NET testing sites for academic year 2019. The school administrator (Mrs. Supornrat Sattathanachaiphat) and teachers welcomed to the visit at Rajavitnit school.

Deputy Education Minister said after visiting testing field that the overview of O-NET administration was satisfying. The students had high intention to take the exam with their awareness of importance of O-NET score used for planning for higher education and for self-assessment. The relevant sector had go along with preparation of this test administration well and she expects that O-NET will stimulate students have intention more to take the exam due to it is one school’s indicator. In addition, Rajavitnit school defines virus and dust protection according to standards of Ministry of Education and Office of the Basic Education Commission mentioned including provides handwashing alcohol for examinees.

The director of NIETS informed that O-NET academic year 2020 consisted of 786,185 grade 6 examinees, and 716,373 grade 9 examinees with the paper pencil test and there were 694 examinees in the test E-Testing system which were (1) 205 examinees at Burapha University testing centers, (2) 148 examinees at Naresuan University testing centers (3) 160 examinees at Chiangmai University testing centers, and (4) 180 examinees at Prince of Songkla University testing centers. There were four subjects for grade 6 and 9 O-NET academic year 2019 as followed: Thai language, Mathematics, English language, and Science. In addition, the test result of grade 6 O-NET will be announced publicly on March 25, 2020 and for grade 9 on March 26, 2520 via for students, teachers, school administrators and relevant agencies to use test information for planning, improving and developing the quality of learning and teaching including raising student’s learning achievement.

Mrs.Wattanaporn Ra-ngubtook, Ph.D., Secretary-General of OBEC spoke on well preparation of OBEC in making teachers and students have acknowledge and understand the importance of testing and assessment.  Moreover, OBEC also provides online test items bank in various subjects in order to teachers bring information to prepare students before test and make them realize importance of O-NET as a tool that led to raise the students’ education quality and develop educational quality including to encourage in taking results used for developing the school’s quality of learning and teaching.