NIETS had the meeting for NIETS testing center representatives of I-NET academic year 2020 at Nakhon Si Thammarat.

    The National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization) (NIETS) had the meeting for NIETS testing center representatives of Islamic National Educational Test (I-NET) academic year 2020 at Chada At Nakhon hotel, Nakhon Si Thammarat province on Thursday 16th July 2020. The participants were 26 representatives, which are 9 from the Provincial Education Office, 5 from Office of the Private Education, 10 from Primary Educational Service Area Office, and 2 Secondary Educational Service Area Office.
    Mr. Patana Thanakorn, Head of Testing Administration and Network Center Department, spoke on objectives of conducted I-NET meetings were to give the conclusion of I-NET in the previous year, the problem and solution guideline, I-NET year plan of the academic year 2020 for testing centers and testing fields. He emphasized the important of all testing centers staff to monitor testing fields and staffs strictly following the instruction in the manual and the regulation of testing administrating in accordance with standardization of national educational testing.
    He also informed I-NET tentative schedule for lower, middle, upper Islamic study levels of academic year 2020 held on 27th February 2021 and test announcement will be on 25th March 2021. For more information, please visits the website at