NIETS conducted a seminar for NIETS Board Member, executives, and officers.

On Tuesday 22th December 2020, the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization) (NIETS) conducted a seminar for NIETS Board Member. The participants are Mr.Kittirat Mungkalakeeree (Chairman of NIETS Board), Prof. Krismant Whattananarong, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Panjai Tantatsanawong, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Adisorn Naowanondha, Ph.D., Waraporn Sihanart, Ph.D., Mr.Thienchai Na Nakorn, and Ms.Phonwilai dech-amornchai (Board Member), Chanatip Tuipae, Ph.D., (Deputy Director of Educational Testing Bureau, Office of the Basic Education Commission), Asst.Prof. Sirida Burachat, Ph.D., (Director of NIETS), together with NIETS executives and officers at Sukosol hotel, Bangkok.
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Varakorn Samakoses (The Chairman for country revolution committee in education term) was invited as guest speaker titled “The Future Direction of Education in Thailand” at 9 a.m. and Charcon Vipusanavanich, Ph.D. (the Former Chairman of NIETS Board) was also invited as guest speaker also. He spoke about “Role of research management and operation, educational testing and providing educational evaluation services of NIETS from past to the present” at 1 p.m.
Asst.Prof. Sirida Burachat, Ph.D., (Director of NIETS) also spoke about strategic action plan 15 years and NIETS operating policy 2022-2037. Finally, Professor Surapon Nitikraipot, Ph.D., (Chairman of the Subcommittee of OPDC) demonstrated how to develop and promote public organization.
The objectives of the activity were to meet the vision of organization, strategic action plan 15 years and NIETS operating policy 2022-2037, including to build knowledge and understanding about the future direction of education system in order to link educational measurement and evaluation, and how to develop the public organization.