O-NET grade 12 academic year 2020 and set the date for electing members of the municipal council and mayor.

    According to the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public Organization) (NIETS)was scheduled to organize the grade 12 O-NET for academic year 2020 which will hold on the March 27th- 28th March 2021 simultaneously throughout the country. But it coincides with the date of the municipal council and mayor elections.
    NIETS will inform that Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) is the crucial examination because the students have to use their scores to submit to higher education and it is a national testing to measure their knowledge, the overall concept for the end of the student's grade. Therefore, it need to be organized together all over the country and this testing is scheduled in advance along with various arrangements that are involved election section. It is important and necessary for the Thai people as well.
    Therefore, NIETS will encourage the test taker take their electoral right and taking the O-NET exam, we would like to publicize the implementation guidelines for those who have the right to take the O-NET exam and have the right to vote as follows:
1. The testing fields that NIETS organize are sufficiently large and are located not far from the domicile of the candidate.
2. Examination periods and elections do not overlap throughout the day, so candidates should plan their travel in advance of taking the exam and exercising their voting rights.
3. If anyone who have the right unable to vote because there is a reasonable cause, then it may operate in accordance with the guidelines and criteria which set by the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand.