NIETS has determined strong measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the test field.

            On 20th – 23rd March 2021, there are 209 GAT/PAT test fields throughout the country for academic year 2021. There are 257,274 examinees which classified by subjects as followed:

  • 254,214 GAT examinees
  • 196,519 PAT 1 examinees (Mathematics)
  • 147,633 PAT 2 examinees (Science)
  • 43,825 PAT 3 examinees (Engineering)
  • 10,236 PAT 4 examinees (Architecture)
  • 85,000 PAT 5 examinees (Teaching Profession)
  • 13,677 PAT 6 examinees (Fine and applied arts)
  • 6,883 PAT 7.1 examinees (French language)
  • 2,005 PAT 7.2 examinees (German language)
  • 7,074 PAT 7.3 examinees (Japanese language)
  • 16,661 PAT 7.4 examinees (Chinese language)
  • 856 PAT 7.5 examinees (Arabic language)
  • 8,601 PAT 7.6 examinees (Pali language)
  • 5,741 PAT 7.7 examinees (Korean language)

Therefore, GAT/PAT test results will be announced on 23rd April 2021 via NIETS website. (

NIETS is aware of the test takers’ safety as priority especially during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in some areas in which preparation before the test then NIETS issued measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for educational test academic year 2021 and made a letter requesting aids to the Ministry of Public Health, Provincial Governor of every province in order to notify the test schedule of different test types and such preventive measures as well as requesting cooperation from relevant agencies or persons to facilitate and to supervise each test field for anti-epidemic measures.

schools, test centers and NIETS has a strong preventive measure with test fields in areas with an epidemic of COVID-19 such as Panyaworakun School (Bang Khae district), Wat Nuannoradit School (Phasicharoen district), Rattanakosin Somphot Bang Khun Thian School (Bang Khun Thian district). The preventive measure is followed as disinfectant spray in the test room, and test area. There are public health officials at the test fields to screen and supervise strictly test testers following in accordance with the measures of the Ministry of Public Health.