NIETS organized the Common Subjects Test for academic year 2021 on 3rd – 4th April 2021, emphasizing the test takers to follow strictly on the rule and regulation of testing and preventive measures.

            The National Institute of Educational Testing (Public Organization) (NIETS) organized the Common Subjects Test for academic year 2021 on 3rd – 4th April 2021, which there are 177 test fields throughout the country with 175,002 examinees, classified according to the following subjects: (1) Thai language 167,586 examinees, (2) social studies 165,479 examinees, (3) English language 173,076 examinees, (4) mathematics 1; 140,105 examinees, (5) physics 103,100 examinees, (6) chemistry 100,168 examinees,  (7) biology 100,369 examinees, (8) mathematics 2; 3,526 examinees, (9) general science 3,515 examinees. On 3rd April 2021, the first day of Common Subjects Test which are totally 4 subjects such as biology, physics, Thai language, and social studies.

The overview of test implementation is satisfied which each test field has strictly follow in accordance with the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The test fields have preventive measures against the spread of the COVID-19 with temperature measurements, wash hands by alcohol gel, clean the test rooms, test fields, and common areas, including setting up various facilities in consideration of social distancing for the safety of the test takers. 

On 4th April 2021, NIETS conducted three subjects of Common Subjects Test such as mathematics, English language, chemistry along with mathematics and general science of grade 12 O-NET which emphasizing test takers prepare the documentary evidence of their identity for entering the test rooms such as ID photo-card, student card with photo or a card issued by a government agency then they follow strictly on the regulations and preventive measures. Therefore, the test results will be announced on 29th April 2021 via NIETS website. (