OBEC Secretary General supported MOE policy on empowering S&T graduates to be school teachers

Mr.Karoon Sakulpradit, OBEC Secretary General agreed with MOE policy which allowed  graduates in sciences, mathematics and technology to be selected as Teacher Assistants for enhancing STEM Education. The S&T graduates are expected to perform more deeply  and precisely in field contents than graduates in educational fields. So with their previous field knowledge and practicing, they can teach students gaining more accomplishment.   Mr.Karoon refered to Thailand Education Deans Council (TEDC)   being worried about 5 years teacher education programs caused negatively to inputs of the system.  This policy focuses on  target group with inspiring to be teachers and does not block the candidates of teacher education, Mr.Karoon claimed.  On the other hand, OBEC still has trusted in Teaching License which the system requires training for all non licensees.  

 The S&T graduates being selected to be teachers, will be seriously trained for licensing according to criteria especially on ethic and Codes of Conduct and will be evaluated in 2 years of performing as Teacher  Assistants. Personally, I believe that even talented S&T graduates in licensing process, they can develop teaching skills for their students easily. So their students can study subject contents more deeply too."  


Source: Thai Post