General Administration Division

Duties and Responsibilities

The General Administration Division has responsibilities for managing NIETS's general administrative operations.  It assists and supports other divisions' operations to achieve the NIETS's objectives and missions. Responsibilities include as follows:

            1. General administration including, but not limited to, procurement, recruiting, transportation,
                facility management, and documentation

            2. Finance and accounting

            3. Human resources management and legal affairs

            4. Other duties as assigned by the Director


General Administration Division

General administration and supply subdivision

1. Mr. Yongyut  Rungrodsakchai Head of General Administration and Supply Subdivision
2. Ms. Rossarin  Sirinuntanaporn  Supply Officer
3. Ms. Rungsakao  Sucharitakul Supply Officer
4. Ms. Tuenjiai  Sirijun  Supply Officer
5. Ms. Sumalee  Numto   General Administrative Officer (meeting section)
6. Acting Sub Lt. Thatchaphon  Yuktanan General Administrative Officer (meeting section)
7. Ms. Thitiya  Saengchan Secretary to the Director 
8. Ms. Pornnapha        Phumeethong General Administrative Officer (secretary section)
9. Ms. Supaporn  Chatakeaw General Administrative Officer
10. Ms. Pradtana  Chongrit Office Clerk

Finance and accounting Subdivision

1. Mr. Parkpoom  Pumanee Head of Finance and Accounting Subdivision
2. Mrs. Sirirat  Chaiyarit Accounting Officer
3. Ms. Pimpa  Jonsamrong Accounting Officer
4. Ms. Nattiya  Sirisun Finance Officer 
5. Mrs. Rungrudee  Sripaebua Finance Officer 

Human resources management and legal affairs subdivision

Human resources management section

1. Mr. Karnchanasak  Charupan 
Human Resource Officer
2. Ms. Tippawan  Sukeerat  Human Resource Officer

Legal affairs section

1. Mr. Sompong  Saetan Legal Officer 


Administrative Structure


Board of Director




Management Committee