NIETS’ Director deliver special lecturer to more than 200 executives and teachers’ Prapariyattitham School (General Education, Group 5)

Asso. Dr. Samphan Phanpruk, NIETS’s director, delivers a special lecturer on the “Taking O-NET and B-NET score to improve the method of learning and teaching of academic year 2018” held on 20 July 2018 at Somdej Phra Puttha Chinwong school meeting room, Royal Monastery Sri Soda Temple, Chiang Mai

            Associate Professor Dr. Samphan Phanpruk, the director of NIETS, spoke on the taking benefits from B-NET score to improve the method of learning and teaching in order to be a professional teachers which he suggested that they should adapt the Four Noble Truths in enhancing educational achievement both O-NET and B-NET by determining a target of learning and teaching (learner quality, standard, significant measurement), behavior improvement and method of learning and teaching of both students and teachers, including administrative method for executives which focused on learner first and improving school-based assessment that be consistent with national assessments especially OLE(Objective, Learning  Experience, and Evaluation) in order to ensure how any provided activities that can fulfill objectives above or not. NIETS also analysis the basic statistic data and MEAN score that it led to develop and improve the method of learning and teaching better in further.

            Before testing will be held, therefore, NIETS bring said useful information that publicized on our website such as Test Blueprint, testing patterns, example of answer sheet in each subjects. For more information, please visits our website at

            In final part of meeting, participants had an opportunity to share their concerns and suggestions. These comments, of course, are beneficial to the improvement.