NIETS visited O-NET testing sites for grade 6 and 9 students at Phibun Uppatham School.

National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Public organization): NIETS organized grade 6 O-NET academic year 2018 on February 2nd, 2019 and grade 9 on February 2nd – 3rd, 2019 at Phibun Uppatham School testing site.

On Saturday 2nd February 2019, Miss Saitong Puagsantear, Ph.D.(Deputy Director, Acting Director of NIETS), Mr.Wisanu Supsombat, Ph.D. (Director of Educational Testing Bureau under Office of the Basic Education Commission), Suttichai Detsuwanniti, Ph.D. (Deputy Director of Primary Educational Service Area of Bangkok), Mr.Werasak Srisang (Director of Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation for Educational Pro of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office 2), and delegations visited O-NET testing sites for grade 6 and 9 students at Phibun Uppatham School. The school administrator and teachers welcomed to the visit at Phibun Uppatham School.

Miss Saitong Puagsantear, Ph.D., gave the first day overview of O-NET administration with satisfied result implementation. She also informed that grade 6 O-NET academic year 20 consisted of 790,210 examinees, 28,959 rooms, 4,108 test fields, 186 test centers and for grade 9, consisted of 696,457 examinees, 25,341 rooms, 4,135 test fields, 227 test centers. Furthermore, 718 examinees took the test via E-Testing system at each testing centers which were (1) 195 examinees at Burapha University testing centers, (2) 153 examinees at Naresuan University testing centers (3) 160 examinees at Chiangmai University testing centers, and (4) 210 examinees at Prince of Songkla University testing centers.

There are four subjects for grade 6 and 9 O-NET academic year 2018 as followed:
1) Thai language, 2) Mathematics, 3) English language, and 4) Science. This was the second year that the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPTST) provided O-NET in Mathematics and Science subjects. In addition, the test result of grade 6 O-NET will be announce publicly on March 25, 2562 and for grade 9 on March 26, 2562 via

Mr.Wisanu Supsombat, Ph.D., spoke on the coordination with Primary and Secondary Educational Service Area to put utmost effort in providing O-NET administration to cooperate NIETS like using 20 percent subjective test in grade 6 students to support students’ critical reading skill more. This included improving and developing classroom learning and teaching activities. NIETS has already publicized the necessity information such as test item samples, writing subjective test answers on website, which OBEC will take such test information to analyze for improving the quality of learning and teaching in further.